Monday, June 18, 2012

Still Having Fun in California

Lots of good eats and swimming would probably describe these several days in California
One of my favorite things to do is go to their club and swim.  Since the kids had swim team  pictures earlier in the day we were ready to go swim about dinner time.  We ordered pizza, swam, ate dinner and then swam some more.  It was really fun, Ashley's friends Angee, Nathan and their girls came but we had the pool to ourselves.  We stay late and bring the kids pj's. 
Crewe is really a great swimmer!  Dane came for all the fun and swimming.  We took the kids to the funny movie Madagascar 3 and ate at Danes favorite pizza place Amechies.
One of Danes favorite things to do is go to the Farmers Market.  Lots of local fruit that all looks so good.  Wish I could bring it all home.  Our Costco has Watsonville strawberries that we drove by their fields and saw all of the pickers.
Just 2 months ago Dayne wasn't a swimmer.  But now she is on the Roanwood Sharks swim team.  After lots of encouragement, cheering and several stops she finished her race.  She is the youngest on the team and is so cute doing her 4 big arms then floating on her back.  She swam in 3 races and did a great job and didn't drown.
Crewe is a real swimmer and a very fast one too. Click on the highlight to watch him win this race.  He out kicked this kid by a lot!  He placed 1st in 4 races and one 2nd place in the fly.  He is a major speedster in the back stroke.
After the swim meet, Dayne had to quickly re group and head to her dance recital.  She tap danced to "Splish Splash I was Taking a Bath."  It was so cute and she and her friend were the only ones that new the dance.  It was held at their local performing art center, very nice and very entertaining.  After the dance recital we went into San Francisco to get out of the 106 degree heat and to eat dinner at our favorite Houstons.       I had an amazing week of fun, seeing all of the family, seeing the grandkids in action, going to the beach, swimming and great food.  We took a quick 2 hour non-stop flight home and enjoyed the rest of Fathers Day in Montana with Donald. Thanks for having me Ash and Rich and thanks darlin!!

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