Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fun In Utah

Delta had a great fare, the first in along time, for a quick weekend to SLC.  Just couldn't pass up a chance to go see all the darlins.  Aaron, Dr. Nat and the boys picked us and the fun began.  We went to Whole Foods and enjoyed checking out all of their unusual and cool stuff.  Also went to Madeline's Bakery for some wonderful treats.

Ethan # 60 was at a University of Utah football camp.  I know how can a Schofield go to the U, but he claims that is the only camp that will let 13 year old use pads and hit.  He had several bruises to show that he was doing some major contact.  The field house was very nice with 2 inch squishie fake grass.  At the end of the camp the head coach for the U came out and gave a big pep talk then he wanted all of the kids to yell "go Utes" not once but twice.  Good boy E didn't say a word.  We were watching and he is a true blue Cougar and a Schofield.  Dane gave him $20 for not bending to the pressure.:)
While E was at camp Aaron, Dr, Nat, Peyton, Drew, Alex, Dane and I went to the new City Center shopping outdoor mall.  Lots of beautiful fountains and very upscale stores.  By the time we got back to Aarons the wind was blowing and pretty cold.  So no golf, swimming or plane flying.  Just the annual grocery shopping, air hockey, and basketball.
 Kade is the cutest jack-o-lantern ever.  Natalie, Addison and I got to do a little girl time at Pebbles in my Pocket.  Ethan and Natalie meet us after work at Dickies BBQ and then we made the annual grocery shopping trip with them. 

We love to go to the Spoken Word with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir when we are in Utah.  The kids need to be 8 years old to attend since it is a live broadcast they all stayed and went to Church.  Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison came up later and meet us for an wonderful, outstanding brunch at the Grand Hotel.  
Dr. Nat had a family birthday party so Aaron and the boys meet us at Ethan and Nats for games and a delicious dinner.

 Natalie,Ethan Dane, E (13), Alex (11), Aaron, Me, (I look pg in this fluffy shirt), front row Addison(6), Drew(9), Kade( pushing 8), Peyton (11 days from 7)

 It was so fun to be together, I miss these kids.  Thanks for having us  love you all. 

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