Monday, June 18, 2012

Pajaro Dunes

I think I could live right here forever, Pajaro Dunes.

Ashley's friend Teresa Tennison family has this beautiful beach house that we got to go to.  It is in Watsonville where Don and Nita used to live.  I don't think we ever went to the beach when they lived there but it sure was beautiful and so much fun.  Rich picked me up at the airport and drove me down and we surprised Crewe and Dayne.
Perfect weather but the water was cold.  We played in the sand, laid in the sun,  played Frisbee and climbed on the dunes.

These huge birds kept flying over, slow and low.  I think they were playing follow the leader.

The next morning it was a little chilly

and foggy

but by the afternoon it was perfect again.  We stayed up late the first night and played hard the next day, had dinner, baths and left when it was time for bed to head back to Livermore as the kids had swim team pictures first thing in the morning.    Thanks Teresa it was so fun!

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