Monday, July 16, 2012

CA Swimming Fun

After a fun trip to Utah, a quick mow of the lawns, a load of laundry, a quick 2 hour cheep flight to Oakland I was ready to see these darlins swim.
First good eats, the Ice Age movie, Bocci ball watching and dinner and girl time manicures and pedicures.
  Dayne Palmer has really improved.  I was so impressed. The last time I saw her she had to have someone in the pool with her and she would stop and hang on the ropes for a rest. She can really swim now.  GREAT job Dayne.
Now Crewe Palmer is a swimmer, these are his ribbons.  Dayne got a blue ribbon a week ago and she wanted a pink one instead, a 6th place ribbon.
Crewe before race hanging out with his friends.

Captian fly
 first place  Great job CP!
The California Girl hanging out
This little shark is an official swimmer.  Watch her in this video.  She has a huge fan base with even the 14 year old boys cheering her on.  Pretty dang cute.
Last bit of fun, my favorite was late night swimming.  Ordered pizza and swam until 9:30 with this jumping dolphin.  CP was diving and canon balling off the life guard stand.  I had another great time and just love the swim meets.  Wish I could go to every meet.  Thanks for having me!!

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