Sunday, July 15, 2012

Fun in Utah

We went to the "Roof Top Concert in Provo," several different groups that sang Tom Petty songs.  Very fun, hot and loud;)
After a tour of Lehi we found the model airplane field and Aaron flew his T-28 for us.  While Dane and Aaron went to Spiderman Dr. Nat and I took the kids swimming.
Addison shows no fear and went right for the high dive.  Ethan, Alex, Drew and Kade liked the diving boards, rock climbing wall and the water slides. A very fun Lehi pool.
So fun to be with all these cute kids!
I love that the cousins are always so happy to be together.
A Sunday toast from the kids"Tiger is funny" then "Grandma loves her Grandkids" then "the people at the other table are awesome."  Thanks kids you are all awesome.

One of my favorite things was a Sunday night bike ride with Ethan and Natalie.  It was hot in Utah 100 + Lots of good eats, videos outside, movie the Lorax, swimming twice, golf, a lot of shopping at the BYU books store and then the Porsche Parade.
Love these kids, so happy to get to spend time with them.

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