Sunday, July 15, 2012

Porshe Parade

Utah State Capital

Porsche Club of America Annual Soiree  So Dane is standing in front of the new 2013 Boxster that I want.  Guess Dane will have to sell a kidney so we can have a heater leather steering wheel or this cool orange one would be nice.
Cool Porsches that we loved
Probably 400 plus cars on displayed at the capital along with our Carrera 911 It was so fun!
Old Porsches     356, Orange one 68 912, and the pretty turquoise one is an early 70's 911.  I tell you there were so many nice cars.
Porsche soap box derby cars and fast racing cars

The judges were going over a 68, 912 with a fine tooth comb.
The 911 Carrera 4 number 272 A was entered into the Rally with 300 other Porsche's with Ethan being the driver and Dane the navigator.  After 4 hours of winding around SLC and finally finishing in Park City, Utah, they were done.  They had instructions with exactly how far and fast to go.  Ethan refused to go the 35 MPH and punched it up to 135 as he says "Porsche's are not meant to be driven slowly."  The Porsche Parade was so fun and wished that we could of spent the entire week.  Next year Michigan.

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Anonymous said...

We finished 55th out of122 teams. I take the blame as the Mnavigator and chief pilot