Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Pictures

We had all the red lava rock replaced and I think it looks really good.  It took waaaay longer than it should of.  I hired the guy then he told me that he could only work on Saturdays.  I was just glad that I didn't have to shovel all the rock out.  We are trying the tree thing again but this time a lemon tree.  Also a few herbs.
Well not tonight but a night soon we are going to spend the night in the tree.  It is pretty cool so bring me your kids.
Finnley and Stella love the water.  Stella would play fetch for hours.  Once Fin gets the toy he doesn't want to give it back so you have to trick him or the game is over.  We usually bring two toys one for each pup.
Stella turned 7 in April and Finnley's 8th birthday is today and they still like to play.  Bite the neck is their favorite.
I've been taking pictures of the summer animals that I've seen out and about.  We have seen a couple of foxes up on the airport walk.  The antelope we golfed with and the fluffy tailed squirrel likes to tease my dogs.
This baby deer and 7 of his friends were out on the bike ride with us one evening.  The deer eating just kept having his breakfast while the parents had the fam out for swimming lessons.  Sooo glad I haven't seen any snakes and I don't think I would take their picture any way.


{natalie} said...

the treehouse looks super cool. we will need to make the trip up. hopefully in the fall.

your yard looks wonderful as always.

Joan said...

Love the tree house and the red awnings. Don't you love having a beautiful yard?