Sunday, August 12, 2012

Still Having fun

We just loved having Crewe and Dayne come to Montana.  Someday the parents will stay home and all the grandkids will come for a visit.
The kids found this bright yellow caterpillar one day and that evening it sprinkled.  Crewe was sure that the caterpillar drowned because he has short legs.  That evening when we were watching the Olympic swimming Dane announced that  he won the silver in the 1968 Olympics in the caterpillar.  The next day when we went swimming Dane brought out his silver medal, I mean Ding Dong.
Dane showed the kids the caterpillar at the Grandparents pool.
Dane and his assistant made Sunday dinner, meatballs.  I love the protective gear that his assistant wore will cooking.

Great Grandparents aka Daisy and Donald love.

Crewe and Dayne don't get many babysitters and they were excited to have a sitter so Dane, Ashley and I went to this strange little film "Moon Rise Kingdom" about these two 12 year olds that fall in love.  It was very quirky.

Of course had lots of great eats.  Crewe's favorite is Brunos and we went to a new delicious hamburger place Mooyahs.

Crewe and Dayne both took a few more tennis lesson from our friend Jacob Hooten.  They had lots of fun, oh and this is how we roll in Montana.
The tree house was a real hit.  It has been hot here so we thought lets sleep in the tree house.  Crewe and I had cots, 2 different weigh of blankets, IPad for a movie, drinks, flashlights and were ready for the night.  After the movie and after about 15 minutes CP decided that the leaves were freeking him out so inside he went and my sleeping partner turned into Ashley.  Between the crickets, the sprinklers, the neighbors dogs barking at the deer, a few misquotes, I had a great nights sleep.  Actually got to sleep in and Dane took Fin and Stella  for their early morning walk.
Dayne found an old cellphone that she fell in love with.  We charged it up so she could take pictures of the pups and make a few pretend phone calls.  I think she thinks she is a teenager and she had her Dad fooled.  One of Crewes highlight was the Big Sky trip and mine was Marks Drive In.
A last lunch in the tree house.
Dane , Ashley and I got to go see Colby Caillet with excellent seats.  We love her music.  The guy with her we had never heard of and his band was so loud we left early.  I guess we are old.  We watched several movies outside in the heat, on the big screen and a few on the back bedroom wall.  I love the new projector.
  1. Dayne told Tiger that she speaks Canine, that Crewe taught her just yesterday so she can talk to the pups.  Thanks for coming to visit, we love having you all.   Come back.

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