Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nephews Visit

We have been having fun with Pam, Morgan and Layne.  Layne  is here on his half way mark of his tour to Afghanistan. Pam and Morgan are living in Florida while he is deployed.  It was great to have them and to meet sweet baby Morgan. (7  months)  Layne wanted Pam our Kentucky girl to see beautiful Montana.
Kal, Megan and Kurt came for the weekend from Arizona.  Always great to have them and to see darling baby Kal.
The cousins were so darling checking each other out.  Kal was pretty enamored with Morgans earrings and she wasn't so sure she wanted him to touch them.

 Enjoyed a little bike ride and walk on the walking trail with a picture break.
 I think the boys enjoyed showing their cute wives around Billings and taking in a few of their favorite eating establishments.  It was great to have them her.  Lots of laughs, good eats, games and family togetherness.  Thanks for coming and letting us kiss on those cute babies!

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