Sunday, October 21, 2012

Boys Weekend 2012

Dane and the boys went to Michigan for the BYU- Notre Dame game and some fun.  It rained like crazy so no golf for the boys but lots of feeding the fat squirrels.  Lake Michigan was cold with waves and wind but still a couple of guys were surfing.
Grand Rapids has a salmon jump that was fun to watch.  Lots of fisherman that were trying to snag dinner,
All 6 of them piled into Uncle Stews 1953 red Chrysler and cruised around.  I would of loved to have seen that.:)
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Lots of good eats and a very happy Aaron at the hobby store.
Touch Down Jesus in South Bend Indiana with Dane, Stewart, Aaron, Lee, Ethan and Rich.

Report is that the fans were very nice.  People were telling then thanks for coming and enjoy Notre Dame and that was before the game.

Booo  Boooo Notre Dame came back and beat the Cougars by 3 points 

So why the Dad was gone the dogs and I had an uneventful weekend.  I  took them for walks, raked leaves, went to the Temple, hit every fabric store, stayed up late sewing, started a movie at 9 pm, talked to my bff from my childhood for an hour as well as my sister, had popcorn and jr. mints one night for dinner and the next cookies. My friend suggested that I should of sent around a dinner calendar at church since my cook was gone.  Ha ha oh yes and I had to go to conference since they asked me to say the opening prayer.  So darlin I'm happy you are back!

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