Monday, October 15, 2012

So fun to have Aaron and Nat and Kids visit

We had all kinds of fun and excitement with Aaron, Nat, Ethan, Alex, Drew and Peyton.  The first morning we went to  Harper and Madison for their delicious caramel rolls.  Had to make an emergency trip to the ER on the way home.  Alex swallowed part of his retainer.  It broke off and went down with the caramel roll, except it hurt.  After an x-ray it was decided to put him out and go get it.  Lots of waiting but he is all better and ready to play.

Aaron and Ethan brought a few airplanes to fly.  All was well until Ethan's plane decided to take a short cut and ended up in a restricted area.  We sent Drew under the fence to get all the parts.
It was a beautiful day at the dog park and watching the boys fly.  Drew was the dog whisperer that day.
The boys and the dogs loved all of the attention.  They are working on keeping a fish alive so they can get a dog.  Baby steps

After the boys played paint ball we did a few Halloween crafts.  Dr. Nat and I made glitter candles that turned out really cool and the boys made their own personalized plates.
Had a big football game in the back yard.  It was another perfect day.
Tree house love
Church, Sunday dinner and of course a marbles tournament.  Can you tell who wasn't winning? We love having company. It was such a fun weekend, lots of good eats, shopping, game playing, videos and family.  Oh, come back!



{natalie} said...

that picture of E in the chair gives me chills. it is like a glimpse into him as an adult. wow. time flies.

football in the backyard looks so fun.

Anonymous said...

fun fun fun