Sunday, November 4, 2012

Extra Summer... California

It was so fun to go to California and enjoy some more summer weather.  Nothing like wearing shorts and flip flops while it was trying to snow in Montana.  Always fun to see the fun things the kids are doing.  Dayne is loving gymnastics class and just passed to the next level.

Crewe is keeping his swimming skills tuned up with a conditioning class a couple of times a week.  He is working on his flip turns as he will be swimming longer lengths this next season.

Got to enjoy a quick soccer game of the Sparkletts
We also got to go to  "Gillroy Gardens" a fun amusement park.  We rode the artichoke, the garlic and the strawberry, fun names huh?  I also rode a roller coaster.  It was a first for me in a long time.  I guess it was pretty mild but I did scream and Cp kept asking if we were going to die while Dayne cried.
It was a very fun afternoon.  Dayne was one crazy driver of little cars while Crewe I think is ready for the freeway.

Merry go round and the hot air balloon ride was very relaxing as we ended our day.

Got to enjoy the school Halloween party and trick a dooring.  Oh my, the halls were over the top decorated and very cool.  I was very impressed with the school transformation of fun Halloween decorations and tons of candy for all the dressed up trick or treaters.

Hard to believe but Crewe wasn't a skeleton this year. I guess the reign of the skeleton is over as he has had that costume, PJ's for at least 3 years.  They were a pretty cool Jedi Knight and a darling Cheerleader.  She kept saying "Go Cougars" but little did she know she had on U of U colors, boo.  Next time she wants to be a cheerleader we will get the real BYU colors.

For FHE we went to a corn maze.  I think they sound so much more fun than they really are.  I basically follow along a path not knowing which way to go.  Good thing I was with an Eagle Scout and a Wolf Scout.

Had a great time with the Palmer's, lots of on the go, good eats, and fun.  Rich worked a ton at his new job with Fossil.  Ash and I re did her book cases and I was there for the kids Primary program.  Both Crewe and Dayne did a great job with their parts and the music was outstanding.  Nothing touches my heart more than children singing their love for the Savior.  It was fun to walk with the kids to school and see their classrooms and meet their teachers.  The weather was perfect and the visit was even better.  Thanks a ton!


Anonymous said...

You are the best granma

ashley said...

You are the best! Thank you for coming. It was delightful!