Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Update 2012

Merry Christmas friends and family,
     Friend and family?  Well there must be some curious bystanders who read this annual epistle too, so Merry Christmas to you also!! Jody and I are still alive and doing great in Montana.  As we are entering the fall of our lives, we seem to value each day, each passing event as a special blessing.  I suppose everyone reflects more on what brings one happiness.  Ours seems to be our family.  We center most of our trips now around seeing our grandchildren and if possible our kids too.  With the advent of Face Time and Instagram, we keep up with everyone in ways we could have never imagined growing up.  
     I was released as Bishop in February, and after a mourning period of several months I regained my form.  I now teach an early morning New Testament class to 20 high school juniors.  This is a challenge but it has many rewards, most of them will disguised.
     Jody is still working at the Temple and was called as the Relief Society President as soon as I was released, so she is even busier than ever.  The dogs, Finn and Stella are still shedding and bossing us around.  Two walks a day keep you fit.
     All three kids are well.  Not much of a change since last year.  The grandchildren are still brillant and without fault.
     Aaron and Dr. Nat are expecting a dog this next year, if the 4 grandsons can keep a goldfish alive for 6 months.  Not sure when they would have time for a dog with their love of every sport a boy could play.
     Ethan and Nat continue their pursuit of happiness in Utah.  Nat and Kade are a cute couple with braces at the same time, while Addison just keeps loosing her teeth.
     Ash and Rich are still scared of snow so they hang out in CA.  Crewe and Dayne are starting to grow gills with both of them now on the swim team.
     Work is good, I make just enough to plan a trip every month.  We have not gone anywhere really exotic this yea,r mostly to visit the kids.  We did get down to Salt Lake for the annual Porsche convention which was a blast.  Jody limited herself to only 3 trips to Mexico and the sun.
     All in all we don't have much to complain about.  I still even try to play hoop.  I will retire this year as even my self esteem can't take too much more.  Jody is still as beautiful as ever.  We will celebrate out 40th anniversary this January.  I hope many more to come.  We look forward to hearing from all of you and know that we ae thinking of you as we cherish your friendship.  May the spirit of Christmas be with you all the year through.
     With love and Christmas cheer,
Dane, Jody, Finnley Stella and family

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