Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas 2012

 It was so fun to have Crewe and Dayne and Ashley with us for the holidays.  We miss you Richard,  Aaron, Dr. Nat, Ethan, Alex, Drew, Peyton, Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison.

Dane was surprised with the BB gun as I was with my new Christmas, birthday, anniversary ring.  Crewe loved the new wii game and Dayne was thrilled with her "Rebecca" American girl doll.  Lots of fun toys.

I guess the BB gun was a hit.  Dane and both kids have loved it.

We had a little snow with lots of COLD but the little one needed to make snow angles.
Happy CP with getting to stay in pjs and play Wii. 
I love these kiddos.
We brought in the professional dog petter, Crewe.  The dogs have loved the kids I think as much as they love them Dayne is just as excited about them as the first day that they got here.
We love Harper and Madison and their caramel rolls.  Nobody had a retainer to swallow so we just consumed all the good stuff, even the green juice.

Crewe has loved his nook.  Dayne had been showing Tiger some new river dancing moves.  We have had lots of good eats, watched several movies and loved having company!
Happy New Year too.

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