Monday, December 24, 2012

T'was the Night Before Christmas

Finnley and Stella the Christmas dogs
Crewe, Ashley and Dayne arrived from California and we are ready to start the Christmas celebration.
Ashley and her friends made art boxes for the kids at the Women's shelter.  Hope they like all the glue, glitter and crafts.
It's looking like we will be having a arctic white Christmas only 3 degrees.  But first a stop at the arcade.  CP can play forever on  just 50 cents.
So we are ROCK STARS and took a limo ride to see the Christmas lights.  It was very fun and so exciting.  We invited Don and Nita and our friend Delaine Becker too.
Oh no Crewe has found the slot machine, good thing the big pay off is 16 nickels which he hit in not time.  Grandma Schofield sometimes known as Daisy and Dayne and Crewe.

Grandma and Tiger with Dayne (5) and Crewe (9) and Ashley and Dane  off to church

Mexican food for lunch yum

Chritmas Eve with the King and Queen ~ Donald and Daisy
Dinner is over is it time for bed yet?
Crewe and Dayne quick get to bed Santa is coming.

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