Friday, March 29, 2013

Time for an update

We are getting a new library.  For the holidays they put this huge tree up.  It looked so pretty but they left it up for a long time.  Our neighbor just took their wreath off their door yesterday.

Danes DYI Valentine to me.   I am in a 12 week overhaul challenge with some friends.  In addition to reading scriptures every day, exercising for an hour, write in a gratitude journal daily, meet your individual health goal, there is a wild card each week.  So for the week of Valentines the wild card was to do something extra for your sweetheart every day.  I made hearts, cards, treats and one day I left a chocolate heart on Danes pillow for him and a love note.  Apparently he didn't see it when he went to bed because the next morning when I made the bed the note was deep in the covers and the chocolate was squished in the sheets.  ps as of today I am in 3rd place with the challenge, pretty good for the oldie.  5 more weeks to go.

Snow coming down sideways, hail storm, thunder and lightning in March?  So weird, ice covered our windows even.  It was kind of scarey.

Our Relief Society Presidency was asked to do a dinner for 100 missionaries for Christmas.  It was tons of work, fun, very festive and mighty tastey. Myself and my secretary and 2 counselors did all the work.  In February they asked our ward to do the dinner for 400 for Stake Conference since we did "such a great job" with the missionary dinner.  My first thought was "oh no."  But actually it was much much easier.  Our Stake President wanted to do the meat and baked beans.  I divided up all the work and got all kinds of great helpers.  Asked one girl in our ward to do the decorations and she has a friend that owns a party store so she picked out a theme and ordered all the trimmings. Someone else was in charge of getting all the chairs and tables, had a committee of 14 that volunteered to serve.  The day of the dinner we had to help set the tables and that evening serve the dessert.  I had my friend Florence run the kitchen and keep everyone on task. With all the help it was pretty easy and yet the Stake Presidency sent me flowers as a thank you.  It's great to be a Chief.  The Indians got a written thank you note from me. :)

The pups are still loving their walks and they seems to never get tired of it.  Stella will be 8 this next week, even the dogs birthday is right in the wheel house of all the birthdays.   Pretty Stella is getting a little white beard but still has a very shiny back coat.
Finn will be 9 in July and still loves all the toys.  We are giving him drugs for his hips each day and he is starting to turn white.  He just loves Dane and is his shadow.
I want my running stride to be like this.  I am pretending it was me since I was out that morning.
I have been doing lots of sewing lately.  I just love my sewing room and love to have a project.  This is one...Love the fabric but the pattern is just ok.  I love all the colors and the bikes and it was fun to make.

Thanks for sharing this photo Nanny, they are so cute!.  Uncle is puffing up trying to be taller than 14 year old grandson Ethan.  Sad day for my Ethan and a happy day for E.

Life is Great!  We are happy and off to Mexico for a few days.  Happy Easter too! ps I love the gloves                       


Anonymous said...

Love you

{natalie} said...

I love all the pictures and the update. I wish we were going to Mexico too. We will stay home and work and play games and eat good food and it will be fine (I guess)

Joan said...

I loved this post Jody. It tells me what has been going on in your life. You have always been a busy lady and it sounds like you are busier than ever. It also sounds like Dane is still your #1 fan. Ahhhhh