Saturday, April 13, 2013

More Mexico fun!

Dane and Richard arrived so we headed right to Ramon's for delicious avocado dip and shrimp.
Crewe collected all kinds of beach glass for Grandpa.  Dayne pretended that the sand was snow for a snow angel.  We three spent lots of time on the beach.
Cheers to Mexico with the tiny pop bottles.

Crewe still loves to read and I think he read 3 books on his vacation.  He also learned to drive the Rhino.  He and Rich went out on the sand and he got to drive.  He is so cool.
With Dawn and Wimps house full we moved to a very nice condo at Las Palomas.  Really has cool infinity pools.  We loved them!  Don and Nita came over to watch.
Swim babies!

The kids loved the 5+ pools, the cold lazy river and the water slide.
We kind of had the place to ourselves.
Ash and Crewe and Tiger and Crewe.  I love this picture of Tiger and Crewe.  He likes to still hold Tigers hand.

Rich and the kids on the beach with a beautiful sunset.  We had so much fun.  I love these darlins.
Until next year Mexico! Adios

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