Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring break Mexico

The only takers this year for Mexico spring break was Ash, Crewe and Dayne.  It was so fun and good to be together.
Lots of fun in the sun.  I loved walking out to the waterand hearing all about kindergarden.
Dayne can really read and she loves it.  Great Grandma Nita and I were really impressed.  Every time Ash sat down Lexi the dog or Chase the weinerdog would find her lap.
Crewe's lap was a great choice also.

This is Hotel for Dogs. Louie the Mexican dog still comes to visit and have dinner.  Dayne and Crewe were just delighted with all the dogs.  Louie's mom sometimes know as Deloris, Mama dog, Camilla went to the vet for a little surgery so she had to stay for several days.  Sassy loves to play with Louie.  Only dog that is off limits to the kids is Molly the doberman.

A little Mexican ice cream.

Crewe would take us on adventures to find beach glass and treasures.  I loved walking out to the waters edge and hearing all about 3rd grade.  He is such a great kid.
Dayne loved coloring with Great Grandpa Donald.  She talked his ear off and he mostly just nodded.
Lots of reading, game playing and loving being together.  That's the end of the first few days.

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{natalie} said...

Looks like a pretty great time. Wish we could have come. Maybe next year :)