Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fun Utah Visitors

Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison came to Montana for a visit. We think we counted up that they hadn't been here for a year and a half.  Thank goodness for Facetime that we have been able to see them

"Oh You've Come To See"  Pretty Stella was so happy to see Ethan.  Everytime he sat down she wanted his attention.

Addison who just turned 7 and Kade who is 8 1/2 were just delightful!

We did crafts.  We painted bird houses and potts and planted flowers in them.  Played Wii Dance party.  Kade and Addison both have some real moves.
Grandma, Tiger, Kade and Addison

Played at the park where Ethan reminded us of the ponies names, Butterscotch, Oreo, and Champion.  Kade even new their names I didn't remember them.  

We played games with Great Grandma Nita and Great Grandpa Donald.  The kids were so cute and sweet to them.
Memorial Day we all participated in the annual  X Bishop's fun run.  We had about 35 turn out for a beautiful 2 mile run.  Kade and I rode bikes and Kade crossed the finish line first but Ethan was a beast and came in first with a time of 12:40!!!

After Ethan finished he went back out on the course and found Addison and she hitched a ride back to the finish line.  She kept saying to Nat "why do they call this a FUN run it isn't fun!"  X Bishop Tiger finished last so he could buy everyone lunch.  It was fun.
  When Ethan was a kid we hit the batting cages before his games so he would be all warmed up and ready to hit.  He always was the clean up hitter and he still has it.  Kade and Addison did great and could hit the balls too.

The kids loved the tree house.  Sunday afternoon the kids watched a movie up in the tree house and then it poured!!

Cute Kade, Natalie and Addison

Ashley introduced Nat to the Italian sodas here in Billings so she too makes several stops for her favorite treat.  And ofcourse the kids love to ride in the Porsche.
Oh kids we love you, bring your parents and come back.  It was so fun to have you here.


{natalie} said...

it was a great weekend. thanks for having us! we love seeing you. ps. kade declared our house "not as awesome as grandma's" when we got home.

Joan said...

The photo of you and Dane and the grandkids is so good. You are busy and wonderful grandparents.