Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hi Ho Back to Mexico

So I am going back to Mexico.  I tried to get my sister,  my friend, or some kids to go with me but no such luck. So Dawn picked me up at the airport and we headed to Mexico.  The cactus are in bloom and the desert is actually green this time of the year.  However it was hot, hovered around 95 degrees.

This time of the year the tides go way far out so first order of business was head out to find sand dollars.  Molly dog was sure she needed to come with Uncle Wimp and I.  We are about a 10 minute walk out from the shore, way down from the house.
We gathered about 150 sand dollars, our buckets were full and heavy.  It is my favorite thing to do and really my main purpose of going.
Many of  the sand dollars are green from algae and grey so we soak them in bleach for the day then set them in the sun to dry.  I brought home about 60 and not sure what I am going to do with them all besides look at them.  They are so pretty and each one so different.

Molly dog the sand dollar dog.

So I arrived on a Thursday night and, Friday we drove down so I didn't do my hair.   Saturday we jumped right up and went sand dollar hunting and swimming so I didn't do my hair.  Sunday morning thinking I would shower and clean up for Church we discovered that we were out of water.  Really, I have NEVER gone out in public with out doing my hair.  I think it was a record for bad hair BUT we went to Church.  It was Mothers Day and I only knew Dawn and Wimp so off we went.  My hair felt like the Mama beach dogs fur and was just about as lovely.  All I can say is wow!

Beach dogs that want to be Matthews.  Mama dog so tired, the black one is a new dog that Dawn named Sam and then cute Louie.

The new palapa that will give them lots of shade on the top patio.

I had a great time doing nothing for the week.  We ate shrimp, great Mexican food,  read 2 books, worked on a quilt top, walked on the beach lots, swam - the water was bathtub warm, Facetimed with Dane and chatted with the kids, visited with Dawn and Wimp, petted dogs and then did it some more.  It was fun.  Thanks Dawn and Wimp for having me.  Love you and Mexico,  Adios!

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Your hair looked great!!!