Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ta Ta Tree

We had a huge wind storm and the Cottonwood took a hit

Lots of broken limbs
The tree man was called and he climbed the tree with his chain saw.

Soon the tree looked naked but we are getting use to it.
 About 20 years ago Ethan came home from school with a Cottonwood limb.  He gave it to our neighbor Pam and she planted it in her from yard.

 Last year the poor tree had only a few limbs that survived the winter and this year it was just dead. 
 The tree man climbed the tree, tied a rope around the middle, cut the bottom and in 3 minutes it was down.
In 30 minutes it was cut up into pieces, loaded into the back of a truck, the stump chewed up, and all cleaned up.
Ta ta Tree  Sad!  It looks very different but we are getting use to it.

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