Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yellowstone love

We love to go to Yellowstone Park.  On Wednesday Dane called the park to see if they had any cancellations for rooms.  We have great luck and we got a room at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge.  It was very nice, new and right in front of Old Faithful.  So we got up Saturday morning and headed to Red Lodge, up  
the switch
backs to Cook City
Saw these Big Horn sheep with their babies

The snow was melting and the ski run wasn't opened but we did see these two guys hiking up the hill with their dog. 

Also found Jesus in the snow
Top of the World, above the tree line.  So beautiful, we are so lucky to live here.

 and then the North Entrance to the Park.  With our Senior citizens pass we got in free and not to far into the park we saw a grizzly. 
  It wasn't Yogi Bear because we didn't see any picnic baskets but he was close.  Caused a huge bear jam with lots of picture taking.
This big guy was walking right next to the car.  I was just hoping that he liked having his picture taken and wasn't going to take a quick left turn right in my lap.
We saw tons of buffalo, a huge herd of probably 200 +.  This big guy in the bottom corner looked like he had a poodle cut.

Beautiful Yellowstone Falls

Awesome Old Faithful that isn't as faithful as it used to be.

Old Faithful Lodge

Happy Hikers

Some of the hot pools

Beautiful "Morning Glory" aka Glory Hole.  It isn't as blue as it used to be due to people throwing stuff in their and then it changes the ph balance and causes algae to grow.

"You're in big trouble Tiger"  so said E when he was about 4 when Tiger picked up a buffalo chip and threw it at him.
 The Mammoth exit out of the Park
 When we got to Gardner we saw all these female Elks. 
 No Boys Allowed

Last stop our favorite in Livingston

Had a great weekend and feel so blessed to get to enjoy this beautiful country.

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