Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Fun

Nothing is better than a good game of  Tiger Says I think I am good but I'm not but everyone gets to win something.

The kids had the best time being together that we hardly saw them and this was the one minute that we got cute Kade to put his arms around Tiger.

We love to play games and nothing like two Marbles games.  No tears this time.

We had planned on hiking up to Timpanogos Caves but there was a storm the night before and part of the trail was closed so instead we all went swimming.  Addison is so brave, she is the first to go off the high dive.

We hardly saw these two darlins as they were playing, playing, playing.  I like that Dayne and Addison let me  dress them alike.  Wonder how long that will last.
Ethan had the best seat in the van when all 8 adults went out.

The last night we were in Utah, (Ash and Rich and kids had already left,)  we went to a SLC Bees game.  It was hot but it was fun.  We bought something like 40 chicken nuggets from McDonald's and we went to Moochies for meatball sandwiches and then the game.

The kids had fun playing Wizard 101 on 3 different computers and the new Easy Roller.  We also went to the movie Despicable Me 2 where our family of 16 took the entire row in the theater
The Alpine Slide in Park City was fun.

 I was brave and zipped right down.  Ashley, Nanny and Crewe rode the ski lift way up the mountain and we ended up having to wait for them.

Aaron zipped really fast on the first turn and took some hide off his arm and leg but made it to the end.

It was way fun to be together. 

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