Thursday, July 18, 2013

Peytons Baptism

Cute Peyton Dane Schofield was baptized Saturday July 6, 2013 by his dad Aaron.
Cute Ethan Schofield "Uncle"
Cute Kade Aaron Schofield

Ethan 14, Alex 12, Peyton 8, Drew 10, Addison 7, Kade 81/2, Crewe 91/2, Dayne 6---my Darlins!

Dr Nat the proud Mom to Peyton
Grandma, Tiger, Peyton & Aaron

Kade and Peyton.  Kade really didn't want to go as this wasn't his ward.  As you can see how unhappy he was being in Primary.

The cute family with the newest member of the Church.  Alex spoke at the baptism and did a great job. 

Addison and Dayne being cute.

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