Sunday, July 21, 2013

Swimming Fun in California

 After all the fun in Utah Dane came home and I went to California to help Ashley with the swim meets.  They were having 2 in one week so I was happy to get to 2 meets.
San Francisco
Every morning Crewe had an hour practice.  I was just tired watching him swim. Wow!

Dayne has a 30 min practice.  I think she likes the social party of the swim team better than the actual swimming.

The meets were very fun and the kids did great.  Crewe dropped time in all his races.
Swimmers take your mark

Dayne swam the fly and a little dog paddle

Crewe is the major back stroker.  He gets to go to Championships in the back and the I M
Dayne is a good little back stroker too.

Crewe has a great fly!!

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