Sunday, August 11, 2013

Big Sky Take Two

Dane had a conference in Big Sky again this year
 so we got to go with him. 
First stop one of our favorite Marks In and Out Drive In, in Livingston.
We love the Wilcox Ice Cream

We also love the gas stops and all the treats and fun drinks.

This year we stayed at the Shoshone Condos which were so nice, big and perfect for us to hang out while Dane went to his meetings.  We also went into West Yellowstone and saw the play Beauty and the Beast.  It was so good and we all loved it.

Loved the pool and the hot tubs.

Dayne tried the bungee trampoline and was able to do a back flip.  She loved it.

Had a little down time and CP found a perfect place to read.

This looked like fun but we didn't have Stella so we passed.

Out side the movie theater that we loved.  Only in Montana could one get a hard liquor drink at the movies.

Dayne, Crewe and I had a private viewing of the movie Smurfs 2.  We were the only ones in the theater while Dane and Ashley went to another movie. 
We loved the movie and all the fun of being the only ones in the theater.  We laughed and talked out loud and Dayne sat in many different seats.

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