Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love this Quilt

 In January I was asked by my friend Nancy that owns Four Winds Quilting, to join a Modern Quilting Club.  The last Saturday of the month 10 club members meet and one gets to have us all help with her quilt.  We have the month to work on their block that they give us a pattern and some of the fabric.  I gave them a "wonky log cabin" pattern and some of each color of the fabric.  I had trouble making my squares wonky so I was hoping that my friends could.  In my instructions I told them no critters or flower fabric and make their squares 10 X 10.   It's hard to decide which block is my favorite.
My quilt is done and I love it.

I love the white negative space
One of my favorite blocks
In November we will have a quilt show and we will get to see all the quilts finished.  It has been fun and I hope the others will be happy with their quilts too.

Lots of Modern Quilts have cool backs,  I appliqued a block on the back of the yellow with white polka dots.  Wonder what I'll do for next years quilt. 

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