Friday, August 23, 2013

We love company

 Crewe and Dayne just love the dogs and the dogs love all of the attention.  Each and every time Dayne comes in the same room with them she squeals and hugs the dogs and tell them how pretty and handsome they are.  They won't get this much attention until the kids come back for a visit.
A favorite place to be the hammock.
I have always loved eating outside.  In the winter when it is cold I think about sitting outside and eating breakfast.  this is pretty darn good place to start the day off.

Whenever Ashley couldn't find Crewe she finally learned to check the hammock.  It is a great reading place.

Ash did a great job setting up for movie night and treats
 with our friends. Only problem was it didn't
 get dark tell almost 9 pm. 

We went to the Saturday Farmers Market.  Kids kept asking where the fruit stands were.  Had to explain that peaches etc don't grow in Montana, only vegetables but we did get some wonderful Hutterites rolls.
Crewe took tennis lessons from our friend Aaron.
Working on his serve
I love that the kids are here long enough 
that they can take a few lessons.

Dayne mostly ran around and 
yes we did get her in some tennis shoes.
My friend Cortnee, the same that came for movie night, has 3 cute girls, one CP's age invited us to go to Lake Elmo to kayak and play.  It was so fun.  Crewe became very good friends with her daughter Kennedy and they and the other kids mostly played grab butt on the air mattress. 
  Dayne started out as a rider on the kayak and then went on her own. The lake was a little cold 
but I am ready to have my own kayak.

 It has been so fun having Ashley, Crewe and Dayne for 2 weeks.  Wish the boys could come with their families and have an extended stay. 
 We did lots of fun things, ate lots of good things, bought lots of school type things and loved being together.  
We missed a few things like, the Mustang game as they were out of town and shooting Tigers BB gun. 
 We didn't sleep in the tree house either it was to hot or to many mosquitoes and didn't get to the sprinkle park.
  We did swim and go to Oasis which was way fun. 
 We didn't go to the Yellowstone County Fair 
or go see my friends llamas or 
eat pizza at Mackenzie River 
 OR paint bird houses.  
But we did go to Big Sky and ride horses and see Beauty and the Beast and go to movies, and go out to eat, and play video games and go to the arcade and swim and read and, and, and. 
 It was great good vacation.
Oh, come back.

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