Sunday, September 22, 2013

Crazy Old People

 We were out walking the dogs early and noticed a big set up with tents and flags in the upper parking lot of the Metra. So we checked it out and saw the set up for "Color Me RAD 5K"  Dane got on line as soon as we got home, it was a little pricey $50 each and I wasn't sure I could run, but we decided that we could do it. Our $50 bucks got us cool glasses and a t-shirt and lots of fun.
About 3000 people came, very festive with lots of great loud music.  We ran and walked and got lots of color!!1

We went thru pink, purple, blue and water bombs.  It was very fun.
 And by the end we had green, yellow and orange bombs too.  See the girls in the skirts, those are our Sister Missionaries :)

 So we were a little crazy along with lots of others.  The missionaries got to come and run too.  Before the race, (kind of a race they didn't even have a timer or a clock) they had all the groups come up in front and the crowd would cheer to see whose costumes they liked the best.  About 40 missionaries went up in front and when it came to them there was a little cheering.  The MC, who was very good and did I mention great music, said "no make some noise for these missionaries or I will send them all to knock on your door."  The crowd went wild:) 
 So we are crazy old people. 
Our legs are a little sore today but 
we did it and it was fun!
PS The colored corn starch kind of came out of out clothes.  Our purple shoe laces turned back to white but our shirts are a funky color of orange/off white.

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Anonymous said...

Lots of fun! jody runs faster than me!I give chase like Finnley chasing a rabbity