Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ernie the Dog comes to Montana and brings his family.

It was so fun to meet Ernie the dog.  He is a golden doodle and so soft and curly.  He wanted to play all the time and Stella had to get him in line often with a snarl or two. 
 Finnley mostly ignored him.

I think Stella was jealous that Ernie was getting lots of attention but she got her fair share of pets from Alex.
We love having company and we hit all of the favorites. 
 A little Torres for Tiger, Ethan, Aaron, Peyton, Alex, Natali and Drew.

We all had fun bowling.  The boys did get to drive little cars and play laser tag while Nat and I hit the hobby and fabric stores. 
(My boy Aaron and his pirate mother)I love all these boys!  So glad you came for your fall break.  Wish you could of stayed longer but it was super fun to have you here in Montana.
Ethan at 14  is 6'2" and a little taller than Dane when he puffs up.  Alex at 12 is about 5'8" and a little taller than me.  Drew is growing like a weed and was hoping at 10 he was taller than me but not yet.  Peyton is tall for his age too.
We all love going to Harper and Madison for breakfast.  This year no retainer swallowing and no trip to the emergency room, just great carmel rolls.

Ernie made himself right at home.  I had Stella talk to him about sitting on the furniture. ( I want this dog)
I love this picture of the Schofield boys with their bright colored shoes ready to play hoop with Tiger.
Tiger and Grandma with their handsome grandsons in front of the favorite "El B."
Not sure it would be a trip to Montana if we didn't have some Brockels Chocolates.
Ernie thought he was the driver.  Thanks for coming to visit.  Come back soon.  Love you all tons!

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