Tuesday, November 5, 2013

California Babies

Nothing is better than snuggling with these two.  I arrive in CA late at night and surprised the kids.  We got to play a little in the morning and then they had to go to school.  It was fun to meet their teachers and see their classrooms.
While the kids were at school we shopped some and went to this burger place for lunch in downtown Livermore.  Ash and Rich are good parents.
Finally got to spend some time with Crewe and Dayne.  They had dentist appointments but we needed to have Pink Berry before the dentist for bravery.

Look at the cool soccer ball glasses that Dayne wore while having her teeth clean.  CP is ready for braces.

 I think these two have grown a foot since I last saw them in August. Crewe is 10 and Dayne is 61/2.
Seems like all we did was eat but it just seems like that was when I could get a picture.

The kids got to skip school and we went into the city.  First stop was "Houston's" for the delicious artichoke that Dayne loves and take a look at the size of those leaves.

Next stop the San Francisco Exploratorium.  We all love this place and all the fun hands-on exhibits.  I think my favorite one is still the photo booth where you pose and a bright light goes off and captures your silhouette on the wall.  We spent about 3 hours having fun and could go back again and again.

A little smoke signal action.

Cute kids taking a big risk standing under a grand piano.
We are off to the the Jelly Bean Factory! ( I love Daynes boots)
The Duke made out of jelly beans.  It was a very interesting tour and we saw tons of jelly beans but the tour could stand to be updated a little with some big screen tv's.
We stopped at Chucky Cheese for a little video game time. All the kids just love this place it's clean and big and not to bad.
Finished up our day with a stop at a running trail in the woods that the kids rode the Easy Rider and the scooter.  What a great day and a very fun trip.  It is always great to be with the Palmers.  I just love those kids so much.  I wish they would stay this age forever.  Thanks for having me.  Love you tons.

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