Sunday, December 29, 2013

and A little more fun

We are the luckiest people ever.  We are crazy about our grand kids.  They are smart, sweet, great kids and cute.  Their parents are doing excellent jobs raising them. 
In Primary today the little girls teacher brought balloons. They rubbed them on their heads so their hair was all full of electricity.  The boys teacher is my friends husband and the dad to Crewe's friend Kennedy.  He brought cookie dough for the kids.  I'm not sure what any of this had to do with Jesus but the kids sure enjoyed themselves.  It makes me happy that they are happy in Church.

We made sugar gingerbread men, Labradors and fish. Nothing says Christmas like dogs and fishes. I think the girls mostly liked to eat the frosting and sprinkles.  We made candy houses earlier out of gram crackers and the best part was we hot glues them so they wouldn't fall apart.  We had so much candy that the kids were totally ok not eating the houses.

Since our Toyota Rav has seats for only 5 we took 2 cars every where.  Had to take the dog car when it was really snowy.  Once Ethan road in the way back, the kids were pretty concerned that he didn't have a seat or a seat belt.  If they only new how it was when their parents were little.

Tiger and Finnley were taking a nap and the kids booby trapped the bed room with string.
Kade drew all these pictures of how they were going to get Tiger.  Notice the check marks in the boxes,. those are one ones they did.  The first one they put a dog treat on his head.  Of course Finnley was all over that one.  The kids were delighted.  The 2nd one they brought his Ipad and turned on loud music, which the kids thought was a great idea.  The 3rd one all 4 kids stood around the bed and did something.  Number 4 was the string boobie trap which was great.  The 5th one they wanted to put gum in his shoes but their parents put the nix on that one.  The last one they wanted to put his hand in warm water so her would pee.  Well, Tiger finally got up and Finnley barked and the kids jumped up and down and squealed with delight that they caught him in the string. Tiger = fun!!!

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