Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Christmas Eve and Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison were finally on there way to spend the holidays with us in Montana.  Ethan and Nat like to sing the Montana song and they posted them singing on the airplane on line. 
Crewe and Dayne were so excited to see the cousins.  they were so cute as they hugged each other.

Christmas Eve the Grandparents and Dawn and Wimp came over for the traditional dinner of Dane's chili and chicken and noodle soup and orange rolls.  Lots of good food and then of course new jamies and a gift to open.
Dane reads the Christmas story and then I read The Night Before Christmas. Every time I say the word "and" we pass the gift we brought to the right.  The gifts go round and round and at the end of the story we get that gift.  Always some good gifts and not so good so lots of exchanging goes on. 
Sing a few Christmas carols and then the children beg to go to bed and then Santa arrives.  The kids left a dozen Mint Oreos for Santa this year.  yum  I love the picture of Dayne petting Fin and holding hands with Addison. 

The little Darlings were up at 5:30 and so excited to see all that Santa left. 
We opened packages for hours.  I was so impressed with how grateful especially the kids were.  With every package that they opened they squealed with delight and lots of thanks yous.

Kade loved his Go Pro and Crewe was absolutely delighted with his Ron Weisley wand from Harry Potter as well as SkyLanders and everything. Addison was over the top pleased with the Kindle that her parents got her.  Dayne was thrilled with her floating ball.  It was so fun.  I'm so happy that we got to have kids for Christmas. Their excitement is contagious.   The Grandparents and Dawn and Wimp came for dinner and games.  Lots of cooking and lots of cleaning up but so much fun.

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