Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr Nat- London Day 2

We woke up to this beautiful sight and ate breakfast watching the sun come up.  Outstanding breakfast to start the Birthday girl off right.

Aaron rented a car so after several stops n the underground and a hike we found the place and picked up this little "Juke."  No joke it was a tight squeeze.  Right hand driving with a left hand stick.  Aaron did great and navigated the traffic like a pro and we were off to Stonehenge. 
 What the Birthday girl wants she gets.

Archoligist believe Stonhenge was built anywhere from 3000 BC to 2000 BC. and that it could have been a buriel ground  as they have found cremated remains as far back as 3000 BC.  It  is a place of religious significance and pilgrimage,  therefor Dane refered to Nat at a Wicken and that she was at her Mecca.
It was very interesting and pretty amazing.  As we were walking from the parking lot Dane even admitted that it was  amazing, but don't tell Nat.  As soon as it came out of his mouth I told her. :)
Fromn Stonehenge we drove to Oxford and found this cute telephone booth that needed to have its picture taken.

Oxford was a little village with tons of students.  We didn't have lots of time but we were able to walk around some and see the famouse Oxford University. 

Natali bought a book "The Demond Dentist", no wonder they have such bad teeth in England, nobody wants to go.
 We didn't get to have the "squidgy" pudding but Aaron and I had fish and chips and the fish had the skins on, very unusual. 
"Hogwarts" in Oxford

We hustled back to London in time for Matilda the Musical.  It is amusical based on th ekids book by Roald Dahl about a  precocious little girl who loves reading and overcomes obstacles caused by her family and school.  It was good and had a twist that we didn't see coming, she all of a sudden does magic to fix everything.  It's the #1 musical in London. While we were waiting to go inside there was a flash mob singing and dancing to All I Want For Christmas Is You.  About 100 kids just came out of nowhere and started dancing, they were very good.

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