Sunday, December 15, 2013

I See London

We are off on a great adventure.  Dane and I flew from Billings to Salt Lake and just barely meet Aaron and Dr. Nat at the airport.  It had snowed like crazy and traffic was a mess.  But they made it and we flew to Boston then all night to London arriving at 6:30 AM Wednesday December 4th.
We took the Tube to the South Kensington stop and came up right by Big Ben.  Our hotel was right across the River Thames looking at Big Ben
Since our hotel room wasn't ready we left our stuff and road the double-decker bus to see all the sights in London.  It was a little chilly, like 45 and windy, actually cold but Aaron and I were brave and sat up top, mostly so we wouldn't fall asleep.  Dane and Natalie sat in the nice warm bus and napped a few times.  No rest for us we have things to see.

The first get off stop was Saint Paul's Cathedral where Lady Di and Charles were married.  They wanted 18 pounds about $30.00 to just go inside, we said pass.
Aaron and I got this birds eye view of the Tower Bridge as we went over.  Everyone knows London Bridge from the nursery rhyme but this is THE bridge in London.

We went to Her Majesty's Royal Palace and Fortress,  known as the Tower of London where all of the Queens jewels are kept.  From 1100 to 1952 the castle was used as a prison but that wasn't just it purpose.  It was also the royal residence. As The Tower has several buildings surrounded by brick walls and a moat.   Beef Eaters took toured us around.  I'm glad I didn't live in that time.
Dr. Nat is trying to get the Queens guard to notice her, but he stood very still.  They also have a huge armor museum which we liked.

The Beef Eater told the ladies to leave their gloves on when you look at all the Queens jewels and crown because it would make this guy look like a cheap skate.  Know kidding the diamond in the crown was probably 3 inches square with tons of rubies, pearls and more diamonds. 
 Westminster Abbey is the most historic Church in England dated from 1065.  So many famous people are buried at Westminster - monarchs, politicians, scientists, artists, and so many literary giants. I'm not sure why they like to bury their dead in a Church, I think it is a little creepy.
They actually still have working telephone booths.  These were the first ones we saw so we took lots of pictures.  Our hotel was super nice and we slept pretty hard the first night catching up and trying to get our sleep on there time.

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