Thursday, December 19, 2013

Naples the Birth of Pizza & Pompeii

After a 2 hour plane ride we arrived in Naples or Napoli, Italy.  After all you can't get that close to Italy and not go.  We rode the train into the city and then took a taxi to our hotel.  Aaron was pulling two suitcases and a guy ran into him and tried to pick pocket him.  Aaron said in Italian something to him and gave him an elbow. 
We rode a very loud crumby train to Pompeii.  Since we were pretty far south it was so nice to be in 65 degree weather.  Had  really good pizza outside among the orange and lemon trees.

Dr Nat was excited to have her first of several gelatos. 
Lunch was across the street from Pompeii
 Pompeii was amazing and they just let us walk around and touch just about everything
 Pompeii was a city of 20,000 people when Mt. Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.  Only 2,000 people survived because they evacuated and didn't come back for their belongings.

Dane the dog whisperer found this dog that followed him around and got many pets.  The dog actually belonged to the owner of the pizza place where we had lunch.

You can see the wagon wheel marks in the stone so perfectly preserved for over 2000 years.
 Everything was preserved because the ash buried the city very quickly and suddenly.
Many of the rooms in the homes had beautiful paintings.  The bakery shop and its brick oven.
Since we were visiting in the off season hardly any people were there.

 They found tons of terracotta pots.  They were able to fill cavities with plaster and then excavated that and got perfect shapes of people and animals.  It was sad to know that these people died in the ash.
 The people were quite the craftsmen and did beautiful tile work.  They laid white stone in the pathways so they could see at night. They also had running water and the pipes were even preserved.  Pompeii was very interesting!!
We had a beautiful hotel that overlooked the water  and this cool fort and out further the Island of Capri.  About 11:00 at night they had a very loud and cool fireworks show right on the pier in front of the hotel which was a surprise to the tired travelers.

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