Sunday, December 22, 2013

So Happy to Have Snow

A perfect way to start the day is at Harper and Madison for delicious caramel rolls. 
We went to visit Dane's Aunt Helen at her very nice assisted living apartment and sang her a couple of Christmas carols at Daynes suggestion.  Aunt Helen told the kids that when Dane and I moved here with 3 year old Aaron and baby Ashley that we were very poor.  I guess that was news to me because I didn't think we were poor:)

Sledding with the Ca kids - We first went over to the hill at the park by the Church.  The wind was blowing and it was cold but fun.  Dayne went flying down the hill and across to little streams that wasn't frozen but all was well.  We had to play outside after we got home and the dogs were happy to come with us.  

Cute happy kids off to Church. Crewe was excited to see my friends daughter Kennedy as they became friends this last summer swimming at Lake Elmo and she is cute. 
She is one happy girl that Addison is coming tomorrow.

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