Friday, December 27, 2013

We are still having fun

The kids wanted to sleep all together so we put up cots in the room with 2 single beds.  Each night they wanted me to tell them a story and most nights it was the adventures of Finnley and Stella. I was getting a little tired making up stories so Tiger told them Ricky Ticky Tavi. Not sure it was the best to tell right before bed about a mongoose that kills a snake, but the kids loved it.

The next day they looked up to see what a mongoose looks like and found the story of Ricky Tickie Tavi.  It was all they could talk about.  So Crewe wrote the play and Kade directed the girls.  Dayne was Sasha the cobra and Addison was Ricki Tickie Tavi.  They brought two of us down to Level 4 at a time to watch the play.  It was so cute.
A perfect way to start the day, a delicious breakfast at  "Harper and Madison"

We went bowling which Ethan was a beast with several strikes

We went with our friend Delaine Becker and her friend and kids out to the Shepard bowling alley.

I am a choke.  I started off really good and then couldn't break 100, Ashley is too.  She had to knock down one pin to break 100 and she rolled the ball in the gutter.  So close.  But we all had fun.

The kids have gotten along so well and played together 24-7.  Mostly they have played down in my sewing room.  Crewe named the deep basement level 4 and the upstairs level 1.  Kind of backwards but I guess it works.  The boys like to be on the bunk beds and change channels with the remote for the TV.  The little girls have mostly crafted, but it is like their hang out.  With a TV, computer, craft area they are in heaven.  I can see why, I love it too.

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