Tuesday, December 31, 2013

We don't like it when the kids leave

 We have had a great holiday with the kids.  Ethan is so much like Dane and loves to play with the kids like him.  Crewe is so into Harry Potter and has read several of his 500 pages books.  He knows all the names of the spells and the personalities that are in each house.  Ethan got all excited and ask him to sort him into a house.  He was pretty excited when he got a Ron Weasley wand for Christmas.  Why Ron and not Harry?  Because Ron gets the cute girl.  
One last play in the snow before she turns back into a California girl

The kids made both Tiger and I huge cards to tell us that they were going to miss us.  We will miss them more as well as the dogs will miss all the pets.

We think they should all stay, since they didn't COME BACK.

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