Friday, December 20, 2013

You can't get that close to Italy and not visit

Got up early and took the bullet train to Roma.  It was so quiet and very comfortable.  You couldn't even tell that we were going 200 miles and hour.  
It only took about 2 hours to get to Roma.

After checking into our hotel we headed out and the first stop was the Spanish Steps.  Hardly any tourist.
Had to take a picture of the tall kids next to the little tiny original Cinque

And of course the dog whisperer found some dogs to pet.  The 2 little dogs were in the Metro charged you to pet them.

The Metro had some wonderful entertainers besides 3 pick pockets that picked Aaron out to hit.  Aaron was way smarted then them and out foxed them 3 times and left them standing at the stop.

The Roman Coliseum

The Roman Forum
The last time we visited there were hundreds of cats living inside the Coliseum but they are all gone now.

I'm glad that I didn't living then.

These Roman Soldiers had stocking caps, cell phones and smoking.

 We ate lunch at this basement restaurant and had great pasta.  Aaron and Nat ate here 14 years earlier and it was still good.
The Vatican where the Pope greets his minions.  The last time we were here in 1995 it was super crowed and Dane pulled out his wallet and all his money was gone.  A pick pocket got his wallet took the money and put his wallet back in his front pocket.
Sistine Chapel  A huge wonderful museum that we saw lots of beautiful art and tapestries before we saw the ceiling that Michael De Angelo painted the famous Creation painting of the two hands.  You couldn't take pictures as it was their chapel and where they crown the Pope.  Every now and then a man would shout "silence, no photos"  Not very reverent.
Every good trip ends with a trip to the Hard Rock Cafe for free refills of pop and a salad.
Dane and I were so tired we headed back to the hotel and Aaron and Nat went to the Fountain of Trivoli so they could make their wish to come back to Roma.

One last look at the Coliseum as we went to the airport to catch our flight home.

What a great trip.  Two days in London, a trip to Stonehenge,  a trip under the water, 3 days in Paris, a trip to Naples, Pompeii, a train ride going 200 miles an hour and 2 days in Roma.  It was fast and furious.  Aaron had everything planned and put us through the paces.  We walked and walked, stayed in beautiful 5 star hotels, followed Aaron as he navigated the undergrounds, and didn't let two pick pockets get in our pockets.  We ate some wonderful meals, gelato, pizza and crepes.  Saw lots of wonderful art and amazing historical sites.  Best of all it was so fun to be with Aaron and Nat.  
Thanks Darlin for the wonderful  amazing trip.  
Merry Christmas to us.

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