Friday, February 7, 2014

San Diego Love

We just love everything about San Diego.  The weather and the food is the best!

We had never been to the Mormon Batalion Park.  It overlooks Old Town with huge big trees and a wonderful tribute to the the Women of the Battalion.

We have always loved Coronado since we lived there in 1972.  The Del Cornado's rooms this year were $990 a night so needless to say we passes but we did enjoy the beach.

While Don and Nita sat and watched the waves we walked on the beach and re lived our love for the beach and memories. 

We had some great eats.  Donuts from our favorite Golden Donuts,which we went to twice and Little Italy Filippi's and great Mexican food.

We do love the Mexican food in San Diego and I think Old Town Mexican might be my favorite.

We are off to whale watch.
We took this cool sail boat with just the 4 of us passangers and the captain for our 4 hour cruise.

In the harbor the Navy trains dolphins and sea lions.

We saw 2 whales that were on there way to Mexico
The whales stayed on the surface for quite sometime.  They breached which means that they came out of the water 4 times which is pretty uncommon.  I tried to get a picture of their heads out of the water but they are very fast.  Usually they stay under water and blow about every 5 minutes.

The sail boat was beautiful as well as the weather.
This is Don and Nita's favorite donut place ever.  We drove 40 miles to Escandido so they could get what they think is the best ever.  They are huge and have every kind.

Beautiful Saloma Beach.
We came back to more of this and -23 on the 5th of Fedruary.  Now why did we come back?  CA was a wonderful break from winter in Montana!

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