Saturday, March 1, 2014

Birthday Season

Alex the Birthday boy on the 18th of February became a teenager.  What I remember the most about big Al as a little boy he only said "no" and he would want "snack in a bag" and survived on Doritos.  Now he has the biggest heart for basketball.  He is a hard worker and some same he is still  "the smartest in what ever grade he is in."  Love this boy.

Love you Drew.  You are the favorite 11 year old as of March 4th.  He has so much energy and is always on the go.  He is a great athlete and is projected to be the tallest Schofield of all.
Dayne will be the newest 7 year old March 9th.  I love that she has style at this young age. She just started basketball and announced that she is "Hoopster Magoo, just like Tiger." She has so much personality, I think I want to be Dayne.  Love this Baby Girl!!
On my heart.  This boy will be 15 on the 25th of March.  He is now the tallest in the Schofield family.  I love that he calls me so I can see Earnie the dog and to say hi.  I love that he LOVES Tiger.  I love that he has found his  He gets straight A's, doesn't eat sugar, reads his scriptures every day and goes to a trainer.  He is a good boy!
This birthday is pulling at my heart too.  Aaron will be 40 on the 28th of March.  How can my first born be that old?  I remember holding him for the first time so tiny and a little line under his eyes so perfect and thinking that I was the luckiest person alive to have this sweet baby.  I love you Aaron.  You are a great father, son and husband.  You are a hard worker and I love that you see a project and get it done.  Hmmm wonder where you get that from?
Dick Palmer, somethimes known as Richard.  His birthday is the 6th of April.  He is a great dad and a great husband for our Ashley.  I love that he is so interested in everything that the kids do.  Happy Birthday to you Rich! 

 Happy Happy Birthday Darlins!   I am blessed to be a part of your family.  Love you all tons!!

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