Thursday, March 27, 2014

Winter Repreave

We needed a winter break so badly.  We needed to see something green.
So we went to see these babies.

It was so fun to be with them.  Since we last saw them Cp got braces on his teeth and they both have grown so much.
We got to go to the Pinewood Derby.  It was fun but the little blue car didn't do that great.  We blame Richard. 
Crewe was a very good sport.  Before the races started the Cub Master gave a big speech about how there has to be a winner and a looser and we need to be good sports etc.  We saw this one boy that had a pretty fast car but when it came down to the Championship of the World race his car lost.  He cried and through the car in the garbage and stomped out.  Ha Guess he didn't hear the part about being a good sport.
We took the kids out of school for the afternoon and we went into San Franciso.  It was beautiful weather and fun to be together.
We mostly went into the city to eat at our favorite place "Houstons"  I love that Dayne orders grilled artichokes, they are mighty good.
Our selfie
  Our picture of us with a green tree
We went to the funniest movie "Mr. Peabody and Sherman."  We really liked it, I think I need to own that movie.
Dayne had her 7th birthday party at Joann's Fabric.  While we were painting Crewe and Tiger had a boys morning hiking on the trail, Target and then came and visited the party for a few minutes.  Rich had to clean the Church so he missed all the fun.  Cp wasn't happy to be in the fabric store.
It was very fun.  The little girls painted, glued and decorated cupcakes.  Ash had fun decorations with darling posters of the Baby Girl.

It was a great weekend and a super break from the winter.  We came back to more snow and more winter.
We had great eats, lots of laughs and so great to be with the Palmers.
Thanks for having us, love you all.

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