Monday, April 28, 2014

Happy Easter Egg Head

 We are road tripping to Utah to see the kids
Love these Darlins, 11 year old Drew, my what? 40 year old Aaron and 8 year old Peyton

The newest teenager Alex, Ernie the dog I want, and 15 year old driving Ethan
Love these Darlins too 9 year old Kade, Ethan, and soon to be 8 year old Addison
Picture of who is now the tallest in the family 6 foot 4 1/4  Ethan Wins!
We got to Utah Thursday evening so we got up early and brought donuts to Kade and Addison and then had to send them off to school.
 That evening we went to the Ethans favorite Mexican restaurant.  We had our own personal chauffeur, Ethan the younger.
We got to go see  # 72, our favorite LaCross player for Lone Peak High School.  Lots of poking with a stick.  Ethan was really pleased that he knocked 2 kids out. He was sent to the cat box for one of the hits.
I always love to have Aaron do an airplane show.  We went over to the little pond close to his house, were several people were fishing.  I am sure they weren't to pleased with the plane scaring the fish but they did get a good show. 

The best Cougar fan ever.  Dane was so happy that he got to go to 2 baseball games, a volleyball game and visit the BYU bookstore.  While he was at the baseball games I got to go to 4 quilt stores with the girls.  A good time was had by all!!!
 Future BYU coeds

 Cute Natalie and Ethan & Aaron and Natali
Cougar Volleyball fans
Between games Addison and Drew went down on the floor and danced.  They cut a rug!
 We all had a fun evening.  The kids love being together and play great together.  Had all kinds of treats and the Cougars won!

Happy Easter!  Drew, Peyton , Tiger and I went to church with Ethan, Natalie, Kade and Addison.  Ethan made delicious smoke pork tenderloin and Natalie made wonderful rolls along with cream corn, pistachio salad, mashed potatoes, and asparagus.  We also made brownies, cookies, and spring pistachio cake.  The table was beautifully set with Natalie's grandmas china, it was all so nice.  We had a great day!

I brought all the kids kites so went to the park by Ethan's house and enjoyed flying the kites.  The weather was perfect and spring has sprung in Utah!

Strong man competition
 The Easter bunny hid eggs earlier in the morning. 
 I brought this Minion and filled it full of candy and money.  Instead of beating it with a stick they pulled strings and a trap door dropped down with all the goodies.
It was a great weekend and oh so fun to be with the kids.  Love them all.  Dane was a happy Cougar and I was happy too.

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