Monday, April 7, 2014

Mexico Spring Break

The Annual Spring Break Trip to Mexico
Crewe and Dayne have been coming to Mexico for the last several years for spring break.  We all love it!
Aunt Dawn was released from the doctor and has finished all of her chemo so she flew down with us and surprised Uncle Wimp.  It was just what the dr ordered for her.  I think in the 3 days we were in Mexico her hair started to grow back.

Great weather, good food, good times and happy to be together.
Crewe drove the 4-wheeler and was pretty excited about getting to drive.

Dane aka Tiger and Dayne-  I love these two!
Pretty Ashley, Dayne and Tiger
Gives new meaning to "Chicken Fingers"  Not sure I can ever eat anything called 'Chicken Fingers" now.

Dayne at 7,5,and 4 by the HOLA sign.  Dawn and Wimp sold this wonderful house and are building another one.  Dayne kept saying that she has "so many memories" of this place, me too wish they didn't sell.
When CP was a baby and a little boy we would go to Mexico and he would play in the sand and then we would give him a "bird bath" and now look how big he is at 10.

Had some fun with a Mentos and Pepsi.  I bought this plastic thing that drops the Mentos in, I guess I fell on my head and thought I couldn't drop them in the bottle.
Fun times
Love this place and these kids.  Thanks for having us!!

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