Sunday, May 25, 2014

oh Mexico

After the long winter  Mexico was calling me for a week of doing nothing.  My bff Kippi Clark flew in from Colorado to spend the week with me.  It was so fun.  Lots of doing nothing, reading, sand dollar hunting, laying in the sun, eating shrimp, cookies and homemade ice cream.  It was a delightful week and so good to be with Dawn and Wimp too.

The black spot is a sea lion.  I think he wanted some alone time so he took a swim in with the tide.

Kippi and I got up 3 mornings in a row to go sand dollar hunting.  Once a year the tide goes out the furthest and the sand dollars are every where.  It is so fun.  Uncle Wimp took us in "Matter" down to the fishing boat landing and then we walked and walked out even further.  I've tried wearing flip flops and they don't stay on, my gardening crocks and they fill up with sand and water shoes and they get sand in them and cause all kinds of hurt.  After the first day we both had several places that we had battle wounds.
When were were all finished we put 100 + sand dollars into bleach water as we mostly found them deep in the sand and they were very dark.  Good bye Mexico house, it sold, but have another that they are building.
I take this picture every year and every year I love it!

We found a live starfish and within minutes it was working his way back into the sand.  Also found this live crab who tried to get us with his claws.

One of our favorite places to eat is "Mr. Fish Tacos" which is only open a few days a week.  It has  good shrimp tacos for only $1.50 and bean burritos for 50 cents.  The best part is the dirt floor and cheep plastic table and chairs.  I love eating here, it is a real Mexican experience. Bye Mexico until next year.

We had wonderful weather and a great time being together.  When we got back to Mesa it was a little toasty.  Took a quick side trip by the Gilbert Temple, so beautiful.  Dane has survived taking care of the dogs and it is always good to get home.  While I was flying home Billings had a huge thunder and hail storm.  Broke the dog car window, put 12 holes in our new vinyl fence, roof damage, hail damage on the window wraps that just got fixed, and a mess, so back to work.

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