Sunday, May 25, 2014

Surgery for the Pups

We though that Stella got bit by a bee or spider as her ear flap was all swollen. Since it was Sunday I checked the Internet to see if she could have a Benadril and she could have up to 75 ml. I gave her the pill and when I was putting the box away I noticed that there were other pills in the box too.  I had given her a stool softener;(  Needless to say she does not need that. Thankfully all was well.  Monday we took her to the vet and poor Stella girl had an infection in her ear and had shook her head so hard that she broke a blood vessel in her ear flap and it was filling with blood. The vet drained her ear and sent us on our way.

In two days we were back at the vet and she was having surgery to put a drain in her ear flap.  Not only a drain but 8 stitches including sewing her ear to the top of her head along with drops for her ear and a big cone for 2 weeks
We all hated it.  She ran into walls, mostly in the middle of the night.  A week after surgery they took the drain out and the next day Dane took the cone off.  The stitches are out and she is doing good.  Her ear is still tender and for some reason she will be prone to more ear infections as she has a little ear hole now that she is a "senior" dog, 9 years old.
We also took Finnley to the vet as he was huffing and puffing so hard.  We diagnosed that one as asthma or allergies.  Wrong again and the only vet that could help him was a lab specialist board certified vet in Bozeman as has he needed a "laryngeal arytenoid lateralization."  His air hole lost it elasticity and was little and couldn't get enough air in to cool himself.  So he and Dane took a road trip, spent the night and Finnley had his surgery the next morning. They cut him open and sewed his air hole open.  While he was in surgery Dane drove another 2 hours to Butte for a pork chop sandwich and  the vet called early and said to come get him because he was barking at him probably because he was hungry.  He is doing soooo much better and worth the $1200. Soon he will have the stitches out and he can wear his collar which he loves.  He would like to wear all the collars we have at once, he love his jewery.   Love these baby dogs.
My dogs love to eat, they are true Schofields.  When Stella had her cone on she couldn't get her head in the bowl so I had to hand feed her.  Finnley mostly inhales his food and we don't want it to go down the air hole so we feed him a little at a time.  Can't feed him by hand as I want to keep my hand.  Dane did most of the dog duty as I was off to Mexico for a week.  He's a good dog Dad.

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