Monday, June 23, 2014

Girl time

Dane flew home, back to work since "this vacation ain't paying for itself" and I got to stay a few more days.  The next week Crewe went to scout camp and the theme was space and this was the first day greeter. Cool huh? It was way over the top camp.  He had a great time and loved the archery, bb gun shooting and swimming the best.
While CP was at camp we shopped and as we were leaving the mall Dayne announced that she was ready to have her ears pearced.  Ash and I were so surprised.  So the third time was the charm.  She was brave and so pleased with herself.  She keeps announcing "this is the first time with pierced ears that I have ______"
Crewe was happy that he was a camp as we went to the fabric stores and ofcourse had to go for the pedicures, another one of my favorite girl activites.

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