Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Oakland A's Game

It is always so fun to go to California 
and see these sweet things.  
We didn't tell them that were coming and we arrived late at night.  Early in the morning Dayne came in the bedroom thinking she was talking to Ashley and was so surprised that it was Grandma.  CP was super surprised when Ash sent him into the bedroom to see who was sleeping in her bed.  
It was fun!
Crewe is getting so tall and Ashley is actually looking tan since she spends so much time at the pool 
being the swim team manager.
I think baby Dayne loves that she is a Dane too.  Notice the pick glove, she is rocking it.
It hasn't rained in CA for a long time so all the lawns are brown and not many flowers and it has been hot.

We got to go to an Oakland A's baseball game. 
 I loved it.
We had great seats on the 1st base side.

We all loved it and the kids thought it was great too.

"Selfie"  Thanks for "taking me out to the ball game!"

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