Sunday, July 27, 2014


Lucky luck me got to go back to California for the swim Championships that Crewe got to go to and another meet that Dayne got to swim.

I got up at 4 AM to catch the flight to Oakland to surprise Crewe and Dayne. Ashley took Cp to swim practice and told him that she had an errand to do that would take her more than the hour of his practice so to bring a book.  She told Dayne that she had to pick up Sister Jones from the ward at the airport and she wasn't sure what she looked like.  So would she please look to see if she recognized anyone.  She looked hard and said the only person she recognized was Grandma, GRANDMA!!!!  I was standing outside waiting and it was a very fun surprise.  We got back to the pool about 20 minutes after his practice was over with and Dayne and Ashley went in to get him.  Dayne couldn't help herself and said that they had a surprise for him and then I walked in.  He was like Grandma? GRANDMA!!! His next comment was "isTiger hiding in the car?"  Sadly no.   
These two had the perfect response .

That evening Dayne had the "Meet of Champs"which is the meet for all the kids that didn't make the top 4 in their age group.  It was hot but fun to watch.  Crewe and Dayne cousins swam also so it was fun to cheer for them too.
Dayne swam a great free style, fly, back and a free relay.  She had fun which she is mostly interested in.  She finished first in her heat in the back which made her really happy.

end of Wednesday July 23, 2014

Thursday morning first things first, we walked to the donut store.  Got to get our steps in, right? Next had to get Crewe to swim practice. I was the driver so Ash could get some work done.  I'm getting pretty good at knowing my way around Livermore and I have a GPS on my phone.  Only 4 boys and 4 girls from each age group made the championship team.  

After practice we went for my favorite chicken tacos and a little shopping.  The boy needed new goggles as his old one kept coming off, not a good thing.   
Since it was sooo hot and Cp needed to test out his goggles we went to the pool for a quick swim.  It was delightful!!

 Friday morning the walk was to the bagel store.  
The kids are just so dang cute.  Then the nanny had to get CP to swim practice again and the Mother was working on meet stuff.  I love watching the swim practice too so I think it was a big help for Ash.

 She has worked so hard as the manager of the swim team and has done such a good job.  She is so nice to all the parents on the team even when they are unhappy. 

Ash had a meeting in the afternoon so I took the kids to In and Out.  Cp was suppose to "rest and stay calm" so it gave Ash and I a chance to check her out on my old sewing machine that I brought to her since I got a new one that I love!!!  Then off to the Friday night swim team kids parents meeting.

                       "Championships of the World"
The pool had 14 lanes but they only used 8 lanes and the others were for warming up.  It wasn't very good for watching as we were far away.  This picture was taken a 7 AM
Crewe did awesome!
 His IM relay team finished 5th
and he swam back.  3rd in the fly at 19.47 seconds   
 His free relay team cut 2 seconds and Cp swam 3rd.  They were in 5th and he got them caught up to 2nd but they ended up getting 3rd.  It was so fun and exciting.
 8 teams came and about 400 people.  We arrived at 7 AM and it was over by 1:30 and it was so hot 100.  Lots of fast kids and the kids have lots of fun playing games and being with friends.   
 The Rhonewood Sharks finish 5th with great competition.

Since it was so hot we had to cool off so we went to the pool for a little fun before the banquet.  
 Dayne got her trophey, she is 1 of 15 7-8 girls. 
 Crewe got his trophy, he is 1 of 20 9-10 boys.  

Crewe as well as his parents was most please that he got the "Coaches Award".  They said so many nice things about him, excellent example, swims fast and hard, never complains, is helpful, delightful and an all around nice boy.
 What an honor, and I so agree.
It was a fun fast 4 days.  Back to Montana and thanks for having me Rich, Ashley , Crewe and Dayne.

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